Comfort Quilts

Members are encouraged to make comfort quilts each year to be donated to local organizations. Here’s a list of the recipients of our comfort quilts and their preference of sizes:

Kingman Aid to Abused People (KAAP)
2701 E. Andy Devine Ave.
All sizes of quilts; twin bed, children’s and baby

Advice & Aid Pregnancy Center
2975 Northern Ave.
Baby and infant quilts

1790 Sycamore St. Ste 5
Lap quilts preferred

Angel Manor
Adult and children size quilts (women and children only)

Mohave Victim/Witness at 9AM Program
All size quilts

Here are the sizes for these quilts:
Adults/Teens 60″ x 90″ – twin or larger
Kids/Toddlers/Lap 42″ x 45″
Newborn 36″ x 36″
Comfort quilts may be donated at any time during the year and are generally donated at the monthly business meeting. All sizes are needed.

Members may designate a specific charity, if they choose.

As always, free batting is given to members for any comfort quilt. And all comfort quilts must have a label, which can be anything from a custom designed label to using an indelible marker on the back of the quilt denoting “Made with Love by Kingman Quilters Guild” and possibly a (yyyy) year designation.

2014 Comfort Quilt Chair is Carol F. While she’s traveling in the summer, please deliver completed comfort quilts to Sally C.

Duffle Bags

Our members were asked in 2013 to make and donate duffle bags to a local organization, CASA, to ensure that kids who enter the system have a means by which to carry their personal items with them.

In 2013 our members participated in a workshop during a Wednesday Bee and produced a total of 18 bags with other members donating bags as they were completed.

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